September 11, 2009

I've Been Hoodwinked (into doing something good)!

I'm not really sure what just happened.  This person Shawn (husband) knows through the firehouse (he's an EMT) just wrangled me into agreeing to go to a yoga class.  I've only met her a few times and she worked me over in minutes!  Shawn always tells me we're a lot alike...  I've been talking about doing yoga for a while, and every time I look into it I find more and more reasons I should...and with each new symptom or diagnosis I actually find out more benefits I stand to gain.  Just to list a few potential benefits for me...stress reduction, improved flexibility, more effective breathing, improved circulation, and stretching and loosening my muscles and tendons could help reduce my tendonitis and back problems.  So I'm not against yoga, but I've always had a problem with actually going (usually schedule issues, or money problems).  So, without even knowing my sordid love-hate relationship with yoga, this person read one of the things I wrote (I think my "30 Things" post), and decided I "seemed open to trying new things" and might like this yoga class she goes to. 

So anyway, she said something about going and I said someday I'll run out of excuses and have to go...and next thing I know she's Facebook chatting with me, knocking down every one of my excuses before I even said them!  It's cheap, the teacher adjusts to specific needs and helps beginners, you can stop in for classes when you can without having to commit to a whole course, heck Shawn's even off that day and can go with us so I don't have to drive or anything.  We're going on Thursday, so I guess I'll update you all after that with how it goes.  I just can't get over how fast and deftly she worked me over...I believe Shawn had to have prepped her on what my concerns would be, though they both insist he didn't.  Hahahaha:)  It's nice to get a good kick in the butt sometimes.

Just as one last note, this person is the latest in a list of people who have approached me in some way since my "30 Things" post when I began promoting IIA Week.  It really feels good:)  Seeing an awareness initiative work and get positive responses from people renews one's faith in humanity.  Granted most the people I've been dealing with are involved in the medical world themselves and that gives them a different perspective, but that doesn't have to work in my favor, since most of them deal with emergency medicine and may see my complaints as minor.  So all in all, this is a bolstering experience so far.

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