November 13, 2009

I'm Still Here, Are You?

Dear friends who read my blog,
I have not forgotten you!  I feel guilty for not having written in a while, but this whole fulltime early morning job thing is still giving me problems.  On top of that, they sent me to Delaware last week and I'm flying out to Florida this Sunday, and as you may also experience, travelling throws me off for a few days before (frantically and obsessively trying to pack for any health situation) and after (physical recovery time, and forget unpacking). 

I swear to you, though, that I will return!  Maybe not as frequently as I posted in September, but I actually have 3 posts in draft status right now that I will continue working on.  And fortunately, while I haven't had the mental energy to finish my own posts lately, I do still have the stamina to read yours.  Thank you for continuing to not only keep my attention but also brighten and enlighten my days.  I may stray, but I'll always return in the end:)

Missing you greatly,

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