May 20, 2010


Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

There was an article on my company's internal 'news page' recently about a woman, an employee, with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.  At the end of the article, it listed a contact if you were interested in sharing your story.  Naturally, I had to follow up.

In my email, I mentioned that I had been working with someone else on a similar project but wasn't sure if I had dropped off the radar (the last I heard about an interview was 6 weeks ago and those lovely pictures were taking about a month ago).  Turns out this is all part of the same project, so I'm glad I reminded them of my interest.  (For the record, I'd be ok waiting however long it took, if I had an idea it would take that long.  I was told I'd be contacted, but not when, so at 6 weeks it seemed reasonable to think I'd been forgotten.)

So, in response, I received an email today from the original woman involved.  She explained that it's the same effort, and reaffirmed that they would still like to profile my story at some point.  She also asked if I have any information she might want to include in a national online training session about disabilities...and you bet your little booty that UII will be somewhere in that list I give her ^-^.  But I digress...

Also in this email, she sent me the proof for the new brochure!!!  In the interests of proprietary information, I am only posting the first page of the brochure, and have made some edits.  I removed anytime the company's name appears and replaced it with "Co" (so if it doesn't make sense, that's why).  Also, when I couldn't remove a few items, I blocked with text boxes, again to remove the company's name and also the names of two people who 'signed' the brochure.  Someday I may be able to post it outright, or some of you may recognize enough of the branding style to know the company (I didn't want to remove it all, so you could see the effect of the brochure).  By the way, if you do figure out the company, please don't mention it by name, I don't have explicit permission to use their name right now and it's just easier to avoid the whole issue.

BUT ANYWAY, here it is!

AND... this is what they said on the inside page (which I didn't include because it said the company name like a million times and I didn't have the patience to remove them all):

On the Cover:
Jennifer Pettit is a Co. Audit professional.  She also is a person with disabilities.
Co's Disability Network is committed to providing guidance on, and raising awareness of, workplace issues that can affect our partners and employees who, like Jennifer, have a disability themselves, or have a family member with a special need.

Holy gadzooks!  Whaddayaknow, I'm a professional with disabilities!  And look way better in this picture than I had feared:)  Not to pull out ALL the bad 80's sayings, but too cool for school!

I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy this one for a moment, and wait for the paparazzi xD.

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  1. Congratulations Jennifer! Looks like a great piece! You GO Girl!!!


    PS... I believe that God brings people and opportunities into our lives that are meant to lead us to His will for us. I suspect that you are one of those people He has put in my path.


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