December 10, 2011

We are UII - in NYC

UII Panel - Stacy Andes, myself, Jon Dorfman, and Bridget Meakim
Need to make t-shirts: We are UII!

On Wednesday, four activists who are definitely NOT morning people put aside their nocturnal ways and set out before daybreak to bring the patient perspective to the Social Media for Pharma conference in New York City.  Braving cold & rain, and armed with a useless GPS, slide deck print-outs, and more caffeine than should be allowed in one vehicle, the quartet made their way northward from Philadelphia for their "Broadway debut" (the conference center was on Broadway:)).

During their 45 minute presentation titled "Building a Relationship for a Lifetime: Using Social Media to Target & Market To Audiences with Chronic Health Conditions", the group covered topics including: why chronic patients (and in particular, young adults with chronic health concerns) are a crucial demographic; the experiences influencing patient decisions; the concerns patients have about their futures as they balance wants & needs; the Digital Patient Bill of Rights; and action items for pharma such as ways to use social media to improve patient relationships and advice on the proper tone to use in their communications.

As always, the audience was keenly interested in the unique opportunity the panel posed - the chance to ask patients what they really think, want, and need.  During lunch, which was shortly after the panel's timeslot, the program organizers arranged a special time for interested attendees to dine with the panel and continue the discussions.  By the time the checks were paid, our weather-weary but always-elegant team began their journey home with new contacts, ideas formed in conjunction with big pharma on how to move some plans forward, and a sedan full of satisfaction!

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  1. Whoa! That's amazing, congrats ! And thanks for your hard work to bring more awareness on chronic disease.


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