December 27, 2013

St. Mary Magdalen Church 2013 Christmas Concert

This song, "I Was Touched and I Believe", was my favorite of all the songs we performed at my church's Christmas concert this year.

Yes, I have joined a choir.  The last time I sang with a group was as a college sophomore, 8 years ago.  The reason I stopped for so long?  Damage caused by Sjogren's-induced dryness.

Which, at least to me, makes this that much more of a surprise, and a miracle:)

Anyway, I loved this song because it had a beautiful harmony (I sing alto), and the lyrics were just so amazing...
I believe the little child born of Mary, meek and mild, came to touch my aching soul, and by his touch has made me whole.
What's not to love!

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  Best wishes for whatever winter celebration brings you together with your own family, friends, and passions!

(Video is an excerpt from the concert recording by Jon Dorfman, permission is granted to share with proper credit and citation.  Read more about Jon's work at his blog

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