September 5, 2015

Baby Bud Round Up

New post at On A Tightrope: Baby Bud Round Up!!

This blog is set up that when I put up a post, it is automatically fed to Twitter and several Facebook destinations through a program called "NetworkedBlogs".  However, while you can still sign up to follow blogs through this service, their syndication services have been transferred to another program which charges a fee.  As an existing syndication blog, My UII Blog was grandfathered but I was unable to apply the same service to On A Tightrope".

I'm not about to pay for this service when I can manually share the link to new posts on Twitter and Facebook...but it's even easier for me to post a link to the new post on here and let the existing syndication process pull it :)

So, please check out my latest post about my infertility journey at On A Tightrope!  And if you're so inclined to share the post, please be sure to link to that page directly.  Thank you!

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