February 2, 2010

World Salt Awareness Week

So I have a silver lining that I greatly enjoy.  Since my dysautonomia causes me to have unstable and frequently low blood pressure (adds to fast pulse and complicated by/with Sjogrens dryness problems), we had to find a way for me to keep my pressure up and stable.  There's medicines - beta blockers - but as I mentioned in a previous post they are complicated to use and often come with severe side effects.  The preferred line of defense is to keep my pressure up 'naturally'.  And what raises blood pressure?  Anyone?  Anyone at all?  SALT!

That's right, when everyone else starts chastising someone for eating too much salt, I get to launch into a lecture on why I MUST HAVE IT!  I get to eat as many pickles, pretzels, and soy sauce-soaked foods as my little heart desires.  (Ok not quite...if I overdo it I swell like the blueberry girl in Willy Wonka and can't bend my joints, but it takes quite a bit to reach that point.)

So, in honor of my favorite side effect...I give you World Salt Awareness Week!  It's amazing the things you can find when trying to Google the 3M paper bra-turned paper mask story to prove to your husband you're always right...

Anyone else get to enjoy this or another unexpected perk from your condition(s)?  Every once in a while we have fun:)


  1. Hi !
    It's great you have a "positive" side effect. Take some chips for me since I can't eat them anymore without a big water bottle nearby.

    I don't know if it's a unexpected perk, but I do take more notice of when I don't feel pain. Being wihtout pain is so normal for other people they don't notice it. I do. And I try to be as much aware of it as I can.

  2. I have stopped all salt and sugar in my foods as I have very bad burning in my mouth with side effects going to my GI system. Fortunately,I do not suffer from dysautonomia, but do have dizzy spells at times. When that happens, I up my water intake, and sometimes it works. Whatever works, just enjoy what you can!

  3. So when it comes to enjoying the perks of random side-effects here is mine. Two years ago (aka what should have been senior year of college) I was on all kinds of meds from Chemo to meds for the side effects and anti-depressants. All of which made me gain at least 10 - 15 pounds in that year. In the last like 6 months I have been having the craziest stomach problems and have sadly had to so some serious work on my diet to try and control all these crazy issues... now insert the bonus. Because of this diet and portion reorganization, I have lost at least 20 pounds in the last 6 months! Don't get me wrong side effects are never fun and loosing weight is not always a plus for some but I absolutely adore putting on jeans from high school and having them fit again. Yay for the upside to obstacles :)

  4. Haha Bridget, I remember one time I had a stomach bug for like 2 weeks and lost 15 lbs:D I also had bronchitis verging on pneumonia once during Freshman year of high school, and they gave me a liquid medicine and a pill...took both before school, liquid again at dinner, both at bedtime. Well, we found out during 2nd block French class (which I was in with my boyfriend at the time) that about 1.5hrs after I took both I got a HUGE buzz. Like as if I'd doped up buzz - giddy/giggly, woozy, the room zoomed out and in... AND, when I took the liquid again at dinnertime, a few hours later I'd get another lesser buzz! Sadly, they never prescribed that combo of meds again and lets face it, I was too wacked out to remember what they were:D

    Keep 'em comin' guys! Let's play Pollyanna's "The Glad Game"!!!


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