March 30, 2010

Sjogren's Walk

Hi everyone!

I am SUPER excited today!!!  A wonderful new friend on Facebook let me know about a local Sjogren's walk!  I've been very busy the past half hour, signing up, creating a fundraising page (it's attached here), and even working on getting my firm to get involved (if you remember, I've mentioned our Disability Network and that our firm is frequently involved in such activities).  I'm practically shaking I'm so excited (ok, the 40 degree temps w/wind and rain probably add to that but let's stay focused), and I can't seem to act on each idea I have fast enough!  Well anyway, PLEASE check it out!  Also, the foundation is hosting walks in many other cities around the country, so if you aren't local to Philadelphia, see if there'll be another one near you!!!


OH, and look later today or tomorrow (HOPEFULLY) for another VERY EXCITING post....

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