July 4, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Take Me Out to the Crowd...Buy Me Some Water and a Great Big Hat...

Shawn and I dedicated Saturday as our day to ourselves for this holiday weekend.  Our requirements for what to do were simple - inexpensive and outside.  Turns out one of the Phillies minor league teams, the Reading Phillies, had a home game that evening with a fireworks show afterward.  Perfect!  

Being a blog about living with chronic illnesses, of course, I have to share the Sjoggie twists on the day's festivities.  I want to say upfront, I'm actually not bothered by any of them.  Honestly, they weren't problems, and for the most part are things 'average' people should be doing too.  Some even strike me as funny.  Not every accommodation has to be a big deal, people:)

Reading is an hour and half from us, give or take, which meant a mini road trip.  Fortunately in my car that isn't a problem, I can adjust the tilt of the actual seat (like, the part you put your butt on) so it doesn't hurt my back.  I also wanted to take Frankie (my Sonata...get it?  Frank?  Sonata?  Yeah yeah no one else thinks it's funny either) out on the highway, as it's been a while.  At the stadium I noticed something interesting - they had a LOT of handicapped spots.  Like, a couple dozen or so, at least that I saw on one side of the building.  Maybe people with disabilities like to come to the small stadium or something. 

We got there pretty early and the sun was pretty intense, so being a good little Sjoggie I put on my sunscreen.  I used to skip sunscreen, complaining that it took too long to apply, left my hands slippery, etc, but a few years ago I finally realized that was silly.  It only takes a moment to apply, my hands are only slippery for a minute, and not being sick later is way more valuable. 

Even with sunscreen and my hat (yes, risking hat hair), it was a little too much time in direct sun, so we perused team photos & plaques under one of the seat sections, then returned to our sunny seats for the start of the game.  After a little while Shawn went for another round of drinks, and brought me back a giant bottle of water.  He said we were in the sun and I needed it; he's a good boy.  I actually drank it all...I was a good girl:) 

Naturally, the stadium had those giant lights for keeping things just as bright after the sun set, so I had my sunglasses on the whole time.  However, they turned the lights off for the fireworks so I took off the glasses...then put them back on.  My eyes have been even more sensitive and painful than usual for the past few days, and I actually couldn't look at the fireworks without them!  For some reason, this struck me as pretty funny.  I have to think if anyone had noticed me wearing my sunglasses at 10pm in a darkened stadium they would have been very confused.  Shawn looked at me at the end of the show and started laughing.  Hey, a Sjoggie's gotta do what a Sjoggie's gotta do!

After the game we were both craving ice cream, so we decided to stop at a diner.  By then my ever-present cheese + salt craving set in so we shared a cheese quesedilla, then a banana split.  I don't know what came over us but we powered through it in no time - we were seated, ordered, ate everything, paid, and were out in about half an hour.  You can see the destruction of our sundae below. 

Happy Independence Day, everybody, I hope you had as much fun LIVING with your chronic challenges as I did.  We've gotta grab a few laughs whenever we can, ladies and gents, and I hope you yucked it up!

Our beautiful banana split:

The aftermath, about 10 minutes later:

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