September 15, 2011

Awesomeness: Telling Doctors "No" and Doctors' Medical Arrogance

In honor of Invisible Illness Awareness Week 2011, I thought I'd share some key posts by a very talented fellow blogger.

This "pro-writer turned pro-patient" really shines. These posts are something mine rarely are - brief:) Read about these two momentus and very timely issues. It will take only perhaps 5 minutes total, but I promise they will have you thinking for days (and days and days...).

Make This Look Awesome...: How do you tell a doctor you don't want to comply ...: My new doctor expected to show me how my claims for Autoimmune Hypophysitis were misguided. That hasn't happened.

Make This Look Awesome...: Medical Arrogance and the Effects of Prejudice: One of the most fascinating stories I have run across about medical arrogance is actually a story about doctors turning on one of their own.

It's like a crash course in patient self-advocacy!

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  1. Oh, thank you for such wonderful praise. You honor me. ^_^ *bows*


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