September 13, 2011

History Reinvents Itself

Philadelphia has so much history, it could make a person lightheaded.  I guess being one of the original 13 colonies, the first to support religious tollerance for all people, and home to game-changers such as Benjamin Franklin sets you up to be an amazing place.  Philly was the largest city in our country's early years, and the first official capital city until D.C. was built.  She's the birthplace of many crucial techonologies and services, such as printing in the colonies, free libraries, hospitals, volunteer fire companies, and even medical schools.  And don't forget some of the first and most-enduring US icons, including the Liberty Bell and Independance Hall.  Our streets today are jammed with amazing architecture representing hundreds of years of immigrants bringing old-world styles alongside new-world ideals and the evolving needs of an evolving population. 

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Perhaps because of this extensive & long-lived history, I think all Philadelphians have a little kernel of patriotism seeded deep in our souls.  We may not always realize it's there, but give us a chance to stand side-by-side in honor of what's great about our country - or even to try to fix what is flawed, as did our forefathers - and it blooms.

It therefore seems only fitting that next week a group of people representing different communities will come together to discuss, debate, and draft another 'revolutionary' document - about 300 ft from Billy Penn himself.  (For any non-Philly history buffs, Billy is a larger-than-life statue who sits atop City Hall, is the largest freestanding statue on any building in the world.)  Next week, Philadelphia will play host to the Digital Health Coalition and their 20 recruited health activists who will draft the ePatient Bill of Rights.

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 As a native Philadelphian and rabid health activist, I am honored and excited out of my eyeballs to be one of the 20.

The document we draft will be used to spur discussion and action throughout the digital community.  It will undergo a public comment period, and serve as a kickoff for a powerful media & policy push.  The day spent building this platform (Monday, September 19) will be recorded.  Our goal is to work toward an "ideal world" for ePatients.  And, our product will be unveiled during the succeeding two-day ePatient Connections Conference.
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I invite any thoughts you want to share, any messages you would like me to carry to the table.  The point of all of this - the Coalition, the Bill of Rights, UII itself - is to make sure the work done by one is for the benefit of many.  Therefore, the more interests I can represent, the better off we'll all be.

Do you think I'll get to sign anything with a quill pen?  I've always wanted to use a giant quill...I think it would be quite dashing!
Drawing found here...and, I hope, at the table next Monday!!


  1. I'm not sure if this suggestion will be what you are looking for but, as a pain patient, it's VERY important to me.

    I believe all pharmacies should be linked up through a major data base so every pharmacy will know when a single person is looking to fill multiple same drug prescriptions. I also believe the over counter cold medicines should be part of this nation wide pool. I live in an area which has a heavy meth/mine rate of use.

    These two scenarios can get drugs easier than I who has a well documented history of medical issues warranting relief from pain. I have wonderful doctors now but the journey was a long one. We have to control the illegal drug use & the only way I know to be successful is at the pharmacy window.

    Thank you for the floor and best of luck. I look forward to hearing what you bring to and from the table.

  2. Tammy,
    For some reason, Blogger never lets me sign in to leave comments! I love your suggestion and have a follow up question. Would you mind emailing me to discuss? You can reach me at uii(dot)jennyp(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks for your help!

  3. Congratulations on your appointment, Jen!! You're an excellent person to step up and speak out. I can't wait to see the finished e-patient bill of rights.

  4. I'm so sorry you can't post as I would love to have you visit. My email is

    Feel free by all means. Gentle hugs


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