August 31, 2011

Deadline Extended

Dear Readers,

WEGO Health has decided to extend the deadline for readers to fill out the Reader Insight Survey to the end of this week.  Thank you to those who did fill one out for me, I look forward to seeing what you had to say when the results are provided to me at the end of the program.

Based on the latest update I received, however, there are very few of you (who filled out the survey).  I believe the count of those who actually took the survey was 4.  I have over 1,000 hits on my blog this month.  I kind of doubt that each of those 4 people visits my blog 250 times in a month, so that has to mean there are more readers stopping by, and I'd really appreciate your feedback.  Some people have told us they don't understand why the survey asks questions to determine what kind of health activist the reader is - but it does have a purpose.  By understanding how you use information, I can try to provide more relevant and useful posts to you in the first place.

I really hope more people will jump in with the very kind Fabulous Four who have filled this out for me (and remember, if you filled it out for someone else's blog, that doesn't count for me so you'll need to do it again following my personal link).  Please please PLEASE fill out the survey for UII, here (  Thank you!

(And by the way, just WAIT until you see the next few posts I have in store ^-^ :D).

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