August 23, 2011

Reader Insight Program - Update & Plea!

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You may remember that I’m currently participating in WEGO Health’s Reader Insight Program – helping me to improve my blog with direct feedback from you, providing you with instant social media tips, and finding the Health Activists among you for exclusive invitations to WEGO Health programs.

The program has been going on for about a week, and WEGO Health just sent me an update.  And honestly, the numbers are so low I can't even bring myself to share them with you. 

I know this is yet another survey, yet another link, yet another set of questions you're probably tired of asking yourself.  But, this is also one of the few ways I can get any information or guidance. 

There are a number of approaches to being a blogger.  Sometimes a person blogs because they want to discuss or share all kinds of things going on in their own life.  They may not even care if people read what they write, or hope that those who do read it are entertained.  Other bloggers are like clearinghouses for information.  They may never write anything personal, and most posts are about things they've learned, read, heard, or found online.  They are obviously trying to be helpful in the way they are most comfortable - constantly passing along information, whether about a specific topic or general news.

Then you have the rest of us.  Many bloggers post a variety of entries, sometimes passing on information, other times sharing a part of their personal life, and sometimes asking questions.  We are trying to interact with our audience.  Most bloggers I follow are like me in this way.  But we can guess what our readers care about for only just so long.  Eventually we need you to interact with us.

You know how I feel about WEGO health.  I mention all the time that I enjoy being a part of their network and have had many great experiences and opportunities at their hands.  But I don't expect everyone reading my blog to want to do the same.  If you don't want to join WEGO, that's fine!  Not a problem!  It's just not your thing.  But even if you don't want to join, you can take the very quick survey and help me out.  It will ask you a few questions aimed at determining your style of health activism - that's what WEGO's about and all - but also about why you read my blog, what you like, what you dislike, what I can do to be more relevant for you.  THOSE are the questions that I need you to answer.

My recent post about chronic pain is getting quite a bit of attention, thanks to Kelly at RA Warrior who included it in her blog carnival (you can see the other responses here).  The only reason I knew to put up a post on this critical topic is because Kelly interacted with me (as her reader) and brought up the idea.  I want to write many more useful, relevant, meaningful posts, but I NEED to hear from you to do it.

The program will be going on for another week, so if you haven’t had a moment to take the survey and share your thoughts yet, I hope you will!  Here’s the link to share feedback with me: Reader Insight Survey.  I really hope you'll help me out, because I want to have the best impact possible and need some guidance to do it!!


  1. Jenny, I participated and I'm a LIBRARIAN, as I knew I would be. Hope this helps you.

  2. Hi, I'm sorry to leave (another) unrelated comment, but I contacted you a while ago to ask if you would be interested in having a guest poster. My name's Allie Gamble, and I'd love to pitch some ideas to you. Please drop me an e-mail at Thanks!


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