August 17, 2011

The Smell of Clean

It must have been a week of really good posts! Another of my blogging friends, Miss Diagnosis of A Fragile Faith, put up this useful post recently (see link below).

I know a lot of my readers have sensitivities to many chemicals. Personally, I'm noticing gradually-increasing reactions to everything from perfumes to unvacuumed spaces (which REALLY puts me at a disadvantage in my own home...let's just say I will never be known for my housekeeping). 

We usually do laundry at my parents' house each weekend when we go over for Sunday brunch (no we're not upity, we just go to church first).  We always used scented detergents when I was growing up, but a few months ago my parents found a deal on one of those "free" detergents, without fragrances or dyes.  Holy shnikes, is that stuff good.  I didn't think it was such a big deal at first, but last week we did laundry with the scented degertent that was on sale this time and I seem to be itchy and sneezing all the time.  And, this detergent's called "Mountain Fresh Scent" - I'm not sure what a mountain smells like, but I just keep remembering what bears do in the woods...

And on that note, please, enjoy The Smell of Clean:)

Picture found here - I think I'll make this my motto.


  1. Have you ever tried Seventh Generation products? They're specially made to be "enviro-friendly" but that also means they're not scented (at least they don't smell like bleach or any strong perfume) and they are good for the environment. You can usually find them at Target et al. but they are a little more expensive than generic bleach, so I usually don't opt for them; however, I do recommend giving them a shot!

  2. I have actually an issue with.... the cat litter ! The brand has change the quality of it and now it's have a "scent" to hide the cat scent I think, but I can't sniff this perfum, it's horrible ! So we will try to find a new brand.


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