March 6, 2012

Lines Are Still Open

I recently put out a call for entries for the first UII Blog Carnival.  The topic for the inaugural carnival is "success"; I'm asking writers to send me their posts about tips, treatments, or procedures which succeeded in making their lives better!

Want to contribute but haven't gotten around to it?  There's still time!

I'm envisioning a telethon drive....
(((Soft effervescent music plays as the camera fades out of Jenny pondering an idea and onto a TV host with  very big teeth, speaking animatedly into a microphone.)))
Pic of the original king of the telethon, Jerry Lewis, found here.
"That's right, increase traffic to your blog, share your tips with other patients like you, meet new people who know what it's like to live with your challenges, AND help support UII - Understanding Invisible Illnesses!  Get all this and more for the low "cost" of contributing a post to the First EVER UII Blog Carnival!

We're getting close to the end of the post drive but you can still be part of this historical moment; the lines are still open!  Just send your entry to Jenny by Friday, March 9 and you'll receive all the thank-you gifts mentioned above!"

I think I've spent too much time reading the posts of a certain other, more creative, Sjoggie blogger.
So, send me your posts to read instead!!

For your convenience, here's all the info again in one spot:

  • Send the following info to me at "uii(dot)jennyp(at)gmail(dot)com" by FRIDAY, MARCH 9:
    • Your name (or pseudonym)
    • Twitter handle (if applicable)
    • Name of your blog
    • Link to a post which discusses a success (tip or trick, procedure, treatment, anything!)
  • The post can be new or old, written for this carnival or for any other reason
  • The post should be upbeat, discussing an idea that worked for you (or a loved one), but otherwise this is wide open - any condition, any time, any idea that worked!
  • Naturally, I retain the right to exclude any posts that are inappropriate, but that is unlikely to happen:)
Please comment or email me with any questions!  This is already shaping up to me an impressive list of writers, and I'd love to include you as well!  We have some amazing entries so far, and a few bloggers who have promised (you know who you are...).
Pic of security pug found here (b/c mine is always on nap duty).

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