March 21, 2012

Take a Hint, Already!

We communicate with each other in many ways.  Verbal or nonverbal; blunt or sarcastic; written words or images.  We pass notes, sing songs, and pat each others' backs.  Nowadays, technology aides our communications - and I'm not talking about emails.  With a tap of the smartphone we send "smilies" and with a click of a mouse we share entire articles & websites through Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

In this complex environment of the human society, we often use hints to convey our thoughts.  A glare to let someone know they crossed a line, or perhaps a piece of gum offered to resolve unfriendly breath.  

Sometimes, these hints aren't enough, and we are forced to take more obvious efforts to elicit a reaction from another person.

On the whole, I consider myself an adequately observant and perceptive person, able to effectively function in society by interpreting social hints.  But I know I'm not perfect, and occasionally miss the obvious.  Alas, it seems I recently have failed to take a hint, and thrice failed to attend to the hints of some of my most esteemed colleagues.  

I must, therefore, apologize to Julia, Jazzcat, and Pamela.  When Miss Julia gave me a hint on March 2, I was moved but stretched too thin to react at the time.  Two days later, Jazzcat attempted to remind me of the hint, but I had yet to get my life quite in order and then, well, it just kept slipping my mind.  Two days ago, Pamela issued me the final warning, and I figured it's time I take the hint, already!

And so, I'm honored & humbled to accept - three times over - the Liebster Award!

According to my benefactors, this award is given blogger-a-blogger to someone with less than 200 followers who the giver feels deserves some special recognition, and serves as a way to build a network of high-quality blogs & bloggers.  Pamela added an explanation of the award's name & message:

The Liebster Award takes its name from the German word meaning 'Beloved, Dearest, or Favorite'.

I'm so, so touched to think I might be so loved:)

And so, I share my love with a handful of my beloved fellow bloggers.  In keeping with the spirit of the award, I will select only five recipients, none of which will be those who have already shared this honor with me.  Not an easy task, as they are some of my all-time favorites!

  1. Let's start with one of my oldest favorites - Jen Daisybee.  Jen blogs at "Suicidal No More" and is one of the most consistent defenders AND educators for all things mental-health related.  An advocate in the truest sense of the word, Jen has guest-blogged for me, presented at countless live events, and is unrelenting in her quest to fulfill her own personal growth needs.
  2. From a classic to a recent find - my next choice is Elisa.  I am glad to have found her blog, "Sjogrens Style", which lives up to its name by covering everything from 'flare wear' to 'how to fashionably wear a logo tee' (perfect for those of us who like to sport our Sjogren's Walkabout shirts).  However, there's more to this blogger than clothes alone - including discussions of treatments, innovations, and life with a chronic invisible illness.
  3. What's the point in having family if not to indulge in nepotism - I'm also choosing my brother, Jon.  His blog "The Aspie Epilogue" will bring you to new considerations and insights, whether dealing with a diagnosis on the Autistic Spectrum or not.  However, I can't stress enough that there is something more here than the sum of the words.  The way this boy (in my head, he'll forever be 10 years old) writes blows my mind.  It seems in writing he can achieve clarity of expression in ways even beyond his hard-earned social skills allow him verbally.  Listen not only to the lyrics but also the melody in these posts to get the most out of them.
  4. I can't forget Maria, who authors the blog "Going Down Swinging".  Another shining example of what a bit of old-fashioned stubbornness can achieve when coupled with self-education and common sense, Maria takes us with her on her ride through this crazy world complete with successes, set-backs, and lots and lots of smiles.
  5. To be honest, I'm not entire certain just how many followers my last choice has, but I couldn't bear to skip her.  Tosha, who blogs at "Bottled Time", is one of my newest acquaintances.  We were 'introduced' when she entered a post for the first UII carnival, and I'm quickly falling in love.  Tosha's voice is very special and I suggest you join me in getting to know her better.
So there!  Go!  TAKE THE HINT, and share the love!!!


  1. Thank you so much! I am honored to be on a list with such fantastic bloggers and to receive this award from a writer and advocate I respect and admire.

    P.S. I also have a younger brother who will always be my "little brother" (even though he's been bigger than me for quite some time now).

  2. Thank you so much, Jennifer! I really appreciate your kind words and the accolades. It is an honor, and I definitely think you deserve the award too because you have a wonderful blog, and do so much advocacy work for people with chronic illnesses. All of us working together can and will change the world. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead

  3. Thank you Jennifer! I am so overwhelmingly honored. The answer to how many followers I have is...dun dun dun dun!... very few. I'm definitely under that 200 mark-lol. It is kind words like yours (with an award to boot!) and seeing the good that you are doing with this site that make me feel the effort is worth it. Hopefully we can all continue to reach others and advocate for awareness, change, and support together. Thank you again.

    On a side note, I too have a "little" sister who has her doctorate and owns her own chiropractic office. I still picture her climbing trees in her dresses and dress shoes.

    And in other news - Jen Daisybee - I really like the Margaret Mead quote, thank you for sharing.


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