September 3, 2009

Why a UII Blog

Ok, to begin, I make no promises here. I never had a diary, and I only journaled for school assignments. However, in the spirit of National Invisible Illness Awareness Week, I thought that as the founder of UII - Understanding Invisible Illnesses, I should give it a try at least for the the month of September. Over the next few weeks, I hope to explain where I come from with my situation, why awareness efforts mean so much to me, and especially what my successes are and how I achieve them.

I think I might have something worthwhile to share. Compared to many sufferers I hear from, my medical situation is well controlled and stable, allowing me to make decisions for myself. After reading many comments, articles, and stories, I realized my situation is an ideal for many sufferers. So, in addition to being grateful, I want to share whatever I can with it suggestions, support, or hope!

If you are Facebook, please look for our group "UII - Understanding Invisible Illnesses" . There are some great discussions, and it is open to everyone: sufferers with ANY invisible illness along with their friends, family, and caregivers.

Thanks for reading, and I hope that I am able to pass along some help, goodwill, and education to others!

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